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Facebook Viral Applications

We have several top class Viral applications that we can use in the creation of a Fan Page for your business. We will showcase these and choose the right one to use once we analyse your business requirements. Viral Facebook Application The main power of Facebook is that content can easily go viral. People recommend things to their friends and their friends act on it. The Share, Invite and Like features of Facebook can also be used to leverage more customers to your business.

Custom Facebook Applications allow existing or potential customers to receive coupon codes, or current promotions immediately after clicking the Like button on your business fan page. Once a facebook user is a fan of your page they automatically receive updates that you post to your wall, allowing you to stay in immediate contact with your customers regarding your business.

If you have an online shopping cart the potential customer can receive a coupon code, and with a single click be taken to your business shopping cart to purchase products or services and redeem the code. A coupon can also be displayed for the potential customer to print out and present during purchase at your physical business.

You can also showcase the products and services your business has to offer directly inside facebook. There are endless possibilities ranging from complete multiple page mini websites to full shopping cart capabilities all within your current and potential customers reach directly, without them having to leave their facebook account.